Certified NLP Coach, Trainer

"Life is about growth…changing…moving forward…taking off…Soaring”

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Experiences with Coach Wendy

“Wendy’s tools and techniques helped me to break through my personal barriers so that I could resolve the logistical factors more dispassionately and effectively.” Dorian, Operations Director

“Words cannot describe my thanks and appreciation over the past six months. Her coaching has provided me with much needed support and skill development to guide me to fulfill my roles and responsibilities for my job.” Stanley, Deputy Director

“Looking back two years later, I can see that I have improved in a number of areas-more aware and observant, more experienced in dealing with staff. Have also started a regular program of exercise, due to encouragement from Wendy. I am happier and more confident, despite some of the things that have occurred in the meantime. I have been able to deal with crisis and still stay calm.” Lynette, Executive Director

“I feel that I’ve been able to step back and trust more. I tended to err on the side of protecting my staff and making their work easier. Now I feel more confident in them and have been able to trust in their decisions and not hold on to mistakes.” Diana, Farm to School Director

“Working with Wendy has really opened my eyes to the type of balance I want in my life.” Ron, Executive Director

“I’ve watched several colleagues who started as Executive Directors about the same time as I did, burn out and leave the field. I believe that coaching with Wendy has contributed to my still being in the field and being in the position to grow with the community and to continue to serve it.” Lisa, ED

Wendy's Vision & Journey

The crane in Wendy’s logo depicts the Japanese children's story about a man, who, instead of spending money for blankets, gives it to some young men in return for releasing a crane from their trap. The crane returns to the man's house, as a young orphaned girl, asking to spend the night. The couple adopts the girl. Eventually the girl offers to weave cloth throughout the night, for the poor couple, requesting that they not disturb her. The cloth is beautiful and is sold. The young woman continues to weave cloth until the couple becomes very comfortable. Curiosity gets the best of the man, who opens the door while the girl is weaving. What he sees is not a girl, but a crane, who is using her feathers to weave cloth. "I am the crane you set free. Now I must return to the sky."

Wendy finds fulfillment in accompanying clients in envisioning and achieving their goals. Life is a journey and through coaching, the client’s unique story spring forth. Just as this story contains many aspects of transformation and transition that Wendy’s clients resonate with, Wendy has experienced service, reciprocity, love, livelihood, healing, growth and moving on that the crane story embodies. Wendy’s coaching helps persons move through transformation and transition portions of their lives.

While Wendy’s outer world journey has been about leading individuals and teams to productivity and effective group building, her inner journey has been about becoming conscious about where she is stuck and opening the channels of energy. She is a spiritual seeker that has found that aligning oneself with one’s purpose is life-giving. She believes that when clients are able to center themselves and tap into their spiritual cores, the transition processes of growth and healing are best facilitated. When the energy within us and around us flow, transformational shifts occur, and we are no longer “stuck.” She practices yoga, reflective meditation, tai chi and reiki. She is currently dabbling in vocal jazz as a means of deepening her ability to be spontaneous and to more fully appreciate each moment.

Wendy’s specialty is the ability to help individuals and groups identify their strengths and values and to become more effective in their work and their lives. She has consulted in healthcare, biotech, health insurance businesses, as well as non-profits, small business, the community and education fields. Clients include a CFO, CEO, a politician, a vice-president, administrators, consultants, executive directors, principals, program directors, and small business owners. Prior to independent consulting she held an academic position with the University of California Cooperative Extension Youth Development Program in Alameda County as an administrator, researcher and community educator. She led this educational program which served over 500 adults and 5000 youth annually. Wendy also co-administered a migrant education program and taught with the Oakland Public Schools.

Her diverse experiences with business, education and the community have prepared her for coaching training and understanding the cultural impacts that affect an individual’s growth. She is a certified Neurolinguistics Program (NLP) Coach and holds a Masters in Education in Multicultural Curriculum. Wendy is a founding and principal member of Prism Coaching: Transforming Perspectives, a multicultural leadership coaching practice.

Wendy is adjunct professor in the Cross-Cultural Psychology and Management Programs at JFK as well as adjunct faculty with the Association of Psychological Type’s Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). (See Books and other Media and Articles for Wendy’s publications.)

Wendy’s has completed certification programs in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, NLP Coaching, Immunity to Change-transformative learning, William Bridges “Leading Organizational Change,” “Heroes At Work”-Pearson Marr Archetypal Indicator™; Power Equity Training, Celebrating Diversity, Training for Trainers, Unlearning Racism Training for Trainers, Celebrating Diversity Training for Trainers, Strategic Leadership Type Indicator.

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