Certified NLP Coach, Trainer

"Life is about growth…changing…moving forward…taking off…Soaring”

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Wendy provides training and retreat facilitation in the following areas:

  • Transformative Learning and Leadership
  • Communication and Teambuilding
  • Organizational Change and Transition
  • Collaborative Visioning, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Illuminating Organizational and Personal Leadership Journeys
  • Yin/Yang: Female/Male Leadership Styles
  • Culturally-Responsive Leadership

    Wendy's clients report the following feedback and have the following outcomes:

  • “Buy-in from entire faculty”
  • “letting committees take lead in each area of change”
  • “tools to address how I can change: …both consciously and unconsciously”
  • “comfortable environment"
  • "able to take risks and to share self”
  • “most productive retreat we’ve ever had.”
  • "Best explanation of difference in (MBTI) type I've heard."

    Client organizations have built confidence in their skills, improved ability to work together, strengthened group problem-solving, better utilized human resources, unleashed creativity and increased organizational capacity while gaining insight into multiple perspectives.

    How Wendy is unique
    Wendy facilitates with the experiential model of learning through doing, the optimal approach for discovery and retention. Wendy incorporates her life experiences with the many training tools she has mastered to provide training tailored for the client-organization. These include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which studies excellence in behavior and engaging all of one’s resources; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a work style tool to enhance communication, teamwork and strengths of individuals/teams; Transformative Learning techniques to uncover competing commitments and reframe problems into opportunities, the power of stories, including the Pearson-Marr Archetypal Index™, to work with individual and organizational journeys, and William Bridges and Kuber-Ross’ approaches to Organizational Transition© and death and dying, and group energy processes. Wendy has coauthored a book on engaging people in group work, Teamwork Tools, as well as articles on MBTI/culture, and leadership and human development.

    What to expect in a training relationship
    In a training session with Wendy, expect to be active and engaged in the learning, to contribute to the outcomes of the session, to develop safety within the group, and to build a sense of commitment to the group’s continuing direction.

    Contact Wendy today to transform your workplace!

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